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The pilgrim's progress as originally published by John Bunyan : being a facsimile of the first edition

Published 1878

Publisher New York : Baker & Taylor
Pages 268
Language English
Call number 11640
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Book contributor Princeton Theological Seminary Library
Collection Princeton; americana

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Reviewer: timeisshort - - March 29, 2014
Subject: Good example, and the next step...

All Philosophy students should read this book, just to have a better understanding of what Christianity is, is about, and what it means.

All Christians should read this book, to understand better the journey they are on, what can happen to them, and what solutions can be found to bring them help, hope, truth and encouragment.

All people who have no understanding of what Christianity actually is, and historically is, should read this book, to understand how Christians experience God and Reality, both the sorrows and the joys, of what Life with God is like. Overall, it is a very encouraging book.

For those who can get into it, (and who may trouble themselves to learn the English language a bit better), they will find a good read, as well as a good example of a Good Christian.

It is probably the most widely translated Christian book in the world, right after the Bible.

The Author, John Bunyan, spent 14 years in Prison, not for any genuine crime, but because he could not agree nor concede that the State had the right to give him permission to preach, teach, or write, in order to help others.

As a result, John Bunyan did not obtain a liscence to preach from the Crown, the royal monarch at that time. This fact alone, made him an outlaw. Rather than submit to the false bureaucracy, and the whims of a bad kind or tyrant, Bunyan kept preaching, teaching, writing and encouraging.

He was rewarded with 14 years behind bars, in the conditions that prisons were in, 400 years ago.

The result are the books he wrote, of which this is one. It is clear that this is is a man of strength and courage, who labored to bring and share that courage to others, through his work, his books, his ministry and his endurance.

This was John Bunyan's starting point, Salvation:

Larn How to be saved, have eternal life, and find God

[[ experience unconditional love, spend Eternity with God, and all others who have made the choice to be forgiven and
reconciled to Him]]

Every Breath you breathe is a gift from God. No one knows how much time they have.

No one who delays and then dies, thought that their time to live here would be up.
Suddenly its too late.

Make the choice, while you can.

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